Braces And Aligners

The benefits of orthodontic treatment often go beyond the obvious physical changes of an improved bite and straighter teeth; it’s also a great way to improve a person’s overall self-image. While having beautiful straight teeth is important, even more important is the need to alleviate any potential health problems associated with the teeth or jaw. Problems caused by crooked teeth or jaw may contribute to improper cleaning of teeth, leading to tooth decay and, possibly, gum disease or total tooth loss.

Untreated orthodontic problems can cause:

  •   Chewing and digestion difficulties
  •   Speech impairments
  •   Abnormal wear of tooth surfaces

Over Your Message, excessive strain on gum tissue and the bone that supports the teeth can affect the jaw joints leading to problems such as headaches or face and neck pain.

The treatment of different facial aspects:

  •   Closing wide gaps between the teeth
  •   Alignment of crooked teeth
  •   Straightening the tips of the teeth
  •   Improvement of oral functions such as speaking and eating
  •   Improvement of the long-term health of gums and teeth
  •   Correction of an imbalanced and improper bite which causes excessive trauma to the teeth.

There are a lot of treatment options these days, from retainers to clear aligners to invisible, metal, ceramic and micro braces. They each have their uses. Orthodontists have the specialised knowledge to consider all possibilities and thoroughly discuss which treatment option is best suited for you!